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„Cathedral” by György Szabó is a self-constitutive and self-supporting organism. The scuplture, made with lost-wax technique, has all of it’s components in connection, their dependence to eachother creates necessity, although we expect eventuality for the first sight. György Szabó’s construction’s salients -mainly in the case of the raising towers- enwreathe like they were joints, holding a body together. The erection of bronze dispenses with static, it is a living structure, in which all the portions effect the whole, establishing fragile balance. The partials of the buliding remind of a cathedral, but the artist reshapes these. What we see are only imprints of well-known architectural features. The „Cathedral” connotes sacrality, but only consits it’s vestige. This hiatus originates the incomprehensible glumness, which surrounds the scuplture by György Szabó.

Cathedral (180x22x20 cm, lost-wax bronze, iron, limestone, 2009)

Katedralis eng Katedralis reszlet eng

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