Please accept our invitation on May 25th, 2018 at 7 PM
to the opening of the group exhibition by
Colin Foster sculptor
PAF – András Ferenc Pintér painter and
László Valkó painter
at the Art Salon Társalgó Gallery.

Colin Foster, PAF and László Valkó are all thinking outside of their own media box, and have a constant need to expand their own creative tools, often by integrating and reinterpreting materials other than the given medium. The three different creative worlds now meet in the Art Salon Tarsalgo Gallery. They present their most recent works at the group exhibition, which attempts to create discourse between different artistic approaches and generations.

Colin Foster (1954-) Munkácsy-prized sculptor was born in England, he has been living and working in Hungary for thirty years. He works with a particular technology: his naturalistic sculptures are made of artificial and industrial forms casted out of sythetic resin. Castings of various objects and items without any identity or history become part of a new context, in which artificial components unite in an organic design.

PAF’s (1980-) painting is characterized by vivid colours, harsh factures, and experimentation with various materials. He often combines his gestural painting style with forms of geometrical abstraction, which roughly structure the image space created by the mixture of different paints and other materials used.

László Valkó (1946-) Munkácsy-prized painter explores and transforms the pictorial and compositional conventions beyond the traditional painting instruments during his career. Returning themes include the landscape, or the relationship between and abstraction and human figure. His paintings are often based on ‘ready-made’ images (photos, digital prints) combined with painterly and graphic elements, further enriching the report layers of a particular topic or object.

The exhibit will be open to visitors on weekdays from 11 AM to 6 PM, or by appointment through June 29th 2018.