György Szabó

György Szabó was born in 1947. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as a student of József Somogyi.

György Szabó’s sculptures deliver a singularly unique form of abstraction. Upon first look, his constructions lack figurativeness and bulk. These bronze pieces seem like haphazard, alien structures. Still, Szabó’s sculptures draw us into their own space where their structure ceases to be foreign, and each detail, each limb is imbued with deliberate philosophy. Willingly submerged in the intricately detailed, refined surfaces and improbable shapes, we cannot find a human figure and yet we do not feel amiss of humanity. Because of the material, the lost-wax sculptures of György Szabó are at once introverted, limited, mobile, and malleable. They delineate freedom, and achieve figurativeness in construction.

2011 Munkácsy-award

Selected exhibitions:

2012 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

2007 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

2005 Galerie A. M. I., Verviers (Belgium)

2004 Galerie Terbeek, Kropswolde (Hollandia)

2000 Atelier Mensch, Hamburg

1995 Kortárs Gallery, Budapest

1991 Csontváry Terem, Budapest