Iván Paulikovics

Iván Paulikovics was born in 1953 and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1977 as a student of József Somogyi.

The works of sculptor Iván Paulikovics are figurative and realistic in perspective. His small sculptures are characterized by intricate detail. The figures have dynamism and character – they generate their own space. Their proportions and postures make them seem so real that it feels as if they could move out of their frozen stance inside the sculpture at any moment. The dynamism of the composition often results from the daring combination of materials. Each sculpture has a deep philosophical core that brings together the interior and exterior.

Selected exhibitions:

2010 Erdős Reneé House, Budapest

2004 GAG Gallery, Budapest

2003 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

1989 Xantus János Múzeum, Győr

1982 Stúdió Gallery, Budapest