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PAF opening, Palais Palffy 2012, Wien

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PAF opening, ArtSalon\TarsalgoGallery 2012

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Imre Barna Balázs, ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery 2007

György Szabó, ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery 2007

István Csík, ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery 2006

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The Master and the Disciple

Exhibition of László Gyémánt and Boglárka Nagy.

Opening: 21. oktober 2013. 19h


László Gyémánt, painter is our gallery’s significant artist and an important figure of hungarian contemporary art. He spent the major part of his career in London and Vienna, and became internationally acknowledged. After the fall of the Berlin wall he has returned to Hungary where he kept on working, his oeuvre is growingly condescended by his experiences of the journeys to America. In the last two years he started working with the graduated artist, Boglárka Nagy. Gyémánt’s representationalism has a vast effect on the the young painter’s works. The master’s presence is appreciable in every brushstroke, while the fresh voice of the student is constantly developing. On the present exhibition, called „The Master and the disciple” László Gyémánt shares the gallery spaces with Boglárka Nagy. They’ll be attending with works concerning basically different subjects, in which their technique unfolds the professionnal and intellectual fellowship of master and disciple.

Gyémánt László and Nagy Boglárka 1  Gyémánt László and Nagy Boglárka

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