PAF was born in 1980, and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 2004 as a student of Károly Klimó.

The interaction of shapes, colors, and materials plays a particularly important role in PAF’s painting. He creates harmony between contrary factures, and along the substance-encounters they engender pictorial dimensions whose mutual tension and dialogue make up the picture itself. The artist is characterized by a daring, almost aggressive use of color, which further deepens the paintings that are already teeming with an abundance of substances. The central element in his most recent works is a figure that seems to struggle for existence within the force field of substances and colors. PAF’s paintings guide us into the inner world of the artist; each image shares a story or secret. This leads the viewers to their own struggles, sorrow, love, and happiness – i.e. themselves. Looking at PAF’s pictures, we are inevitably compelled to search our souls and engage in those struggles fought by the materials, colors, and shapes in front of us.

Selected Exhibitions:

2012 Palais Palffy, Wien

2012 Ottimo, Wien

2012 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

2007 Artus studio

2006 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery