Róbert Csáki

Róbert Csáki was born in 1964 and graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1990. His master was Gábor Dienes.

Róbert Csáki’s paintings open up vistas that are impossible to imagine or describe. Unlikely figures and sometimes sorrowful colors lure us into a completely different world. With dazzling color and light, Csáki’s pictures take us unimaginably far from where we stand looking at the canvas. As we venture inside the frame, everything becomes more blurry and mysterious, as if we had discovered layer upon layer of this vision-filled world. Csáki’s precise painting style evokes the visual world of such masters as Watteau and Goya. It is not reality that the paintings reflect. Rather, it is the state in-between dreaming and waking, when every object, shape, and landscape is colored by our sensations – when nothing is clearly delineated, and everything is ephemeral. Csáki’s refined, virtuoso technique makes visible and real the fragments of dreams, memories, and visions we may never reach without his paintings.

Selected exhibitions:

2012 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

2010 REÖK Palace, Szeged

2008 ArtSalon\TársalgóGallery

2006 Blue and Red Chapel, Balatonboglár

1996 Brahler Gallery, Hága