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In The Focus

Video form the book presentation…

Presenting Kovács József Tóth’s album…

Kovács József Tóth album presentation…

In The Focus

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In The Focus

„Missed Moment” by Mózes Incze thickens time. Stationarity dominates everything, the sitting figure in the foreground and the stone standing in front of him. The clouds and smoke wreathing behind him, the lifeless grey body, the white feather are floating with ease, but the strained permanence int them doesn’t permits motion. The lights and shadows, the bodies and the fold are stiffen.

The sand-glass in front of the main figure reports the suspicion which encompasses the whole picture: time has been stopped on the painting. Mózes Incze locked temporality into this tiny object. The sand cannot twirl because of the status of the sand-glass.

Windup the passing of time raises a question: what is that missed moment the title refers to? Is it possible to talk about moments, if time doesn’t pass, if the chain of momentary nows is torn?

The sand-glass on a key-holder becomes the actual key to the painting. The lens of the camera, holded by the blindfold figure is also aiming at it. It is laying on a surface, overtopping from the space of the picture, if it would tilt down, passing of time, running of the world, lives of the people in the paiting could start over. Maybe the photographer is waiting for this, he wants to record this inevitable moment. Hope of the shifting of the sand-glass is holded up by tender brushstrokes, but the blindness of the man with the camera is hamstring it. He wouldn’t be able to see the change, he will not have loophole from this closed space. The thick timelessness, weighing on the painting by Mózes Incze is only understandable through the lines of Attila József: „Blue, yellow, red, they flocked my dream,/ smudged images the mind had taken,/ I felt the cosmic order gleam-/ and not a speck of dust was shaken.”

photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

Missed moments (190×140cm, oil on canvas, 2011)

Kimaradt pillanat (190x140 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2011) eng

Kovács József Tóth album presentation…

ArtSalon\TarsalgoGallery cordially invites You and Your Partner to the album presentation of Kovács József Tóth at 19h on 20 november, 2013.

The album will be presented by Róbert Nátyi arthistorian

Ajandek (36x60 cm, olaj, vaszon 2009) eng

Lopatkolas II (80x100 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2012) eng

In The Focus

„Champagne” by PAF hides it’s secret behind coatings. It involves the viewer into a game, who is forced to move between visible and undercover. The picture imperously expects from us the reconstruction of everything, that is obscured by the painter. On „Champagne” this tendency materializes through the figure.We don’t know about the hand reaching from the background, wheter a body belongs to it, or not. This scepticism creates the game with the artwork. We are not able to accept the fact, that the spectacle given by the picture is not, what we really supposed to see.

Champagne in the title of the painting is the attachment and symbol of celebration. On the picture the hand, holding the glass fitfully, is the focus of the artwork, since it’s the zero point of the red gesture, which overarches the whole painting.

PAF’s glass is empty. A smashing red gesture is flowing out of it. The blues guttering onto the arm of the incomplete figure are hiding the color of her skin. The processes on the picture rule the subject of the picture. They show as strange something well known, hamstring something lightsome.

written by: Zsófi Máté

PAF – Champagne (100×100cm, mixed technique on wood, 2013)

Champagne_honlap (100x100 cm, vegyes, fatabla, 2013) eng

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