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In The Focus

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In The Focus

„Process” by Mózes Incze is a snapshot. We don’t know anything about the activity happening on the picture. What we see is an endless, mute moment. A man stressing his clothes on himself is leaning his arm into an incorporeal shade. He’s holding a feather with gentle hand position above a sailing loop, which is surrounded by powers in vibrant colors. The man’s face is calm and confident, only his hand, grabbing his own shirt convulsively, tells about his inside tension. He knows the fact, that he is just about to make an important decision. The thick silence, which defines the whole painting by Mózes Incze, is impacting the figure’s inner world. In this process he’s becoming speechless, introverted, as he’s concentrating to only one tiny motion. Slipping the feather would may not cause any change in the world of the painting, and the world of the man, buti t could possibly fall into an other dimension through the loop. Anyway, the feather is somehow the part of the figure. Anything happens to it, it also happens to it’s owner. Just as our actions- which could be interpreted as the projection of ourselves- are reacting to us by necessity. Under the hands of Mózes Incze the limits between external and internal are washed away. Every element of the paintg could be understood as the realization of the precesses happening inside the man. „Process” is a pure dimension, in which decisions, actions and their effects become visible.
photo: misi
written by: Zsófi Máté


Folyamat (100x140 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2014)_eng





















Process (100×140 cm, oil on canvas, 2014)

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