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„Vernissage” by Róbert Csáki is ruled by an abortion. Although his shapes don’t disserve from his environment, his hooked bust, the whiteness of his shirt, and the wine glass in his hand are the most real elements of the painting’s blurred world. Not as his head on his thick neck, meaning heads, which are limbs of the same body, they are turning to us with different visages. This worrying being, if we take a closer look, really is a polite monster, who’s squint is shy, and holds his glass clumsy, with his little finger holded away from it. As if he isn’t home at the shades of the picture’s world. Vernissage is a French word, meaning the opening of an exhibition. From the title of Csáki’s artwork is clear, that this is the occasion of the figure sitting by little white table. His embarrasment is caused by the fact, that we can see him in whole, that nothing is protecting him from our staring. In this habit and situation there is a pure indication how the artist stands in front of the audience while showing them his artworks: in nudity and defencelessness.


photo: Mihály Borsos (misi)
written by: Zsófi Máté
Vernissage (230x200cm, oil on canvas, 2010)


Vernissage (230x200 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2010)_eng

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