In The Focus

„Cathedral” by György Szabó is a self-constitutive and self-supporting organism. The scuplture, made with lost-wax technique, has all of it’s components in connection, their dependence to eachother creates necessity, although we expect eventuality for the first sight. György Szabó’s construction’s salients -mainly in the case of the raising towers- enwreathe like they were joints, holding a body together. The erection of bronze dispenses with static, it is a living structure, in which all the portions effect the whole, establishing fragile balance. The partials of the buliding remind of a cathedral, but the artist reshapes these. What we see are only imprints of well-known architectural features. The „Cathedral” connotes sacrality, but only consits it’s vestige. This hiatus originates the incomprehensible glumness, which surrounds the scuplture by György Szabó.

Cathedral (180x22x20 cm, lost-wax bronze, iron, limestone, 2009)

Katedralis eng Katedralis reszlet eng


„Midnight Rainbow” by Róbert Csáki consists incomprehensible ambivalence. In the warm coloured, easeful foreground faceless, colourful figures are looking into the background, creating an inner frame on the picture. In the blinding white city in front of them, seems like the time has been stopped, only the trusses of buildings stretch to the dark sky. Bridgings transform into constellations, spur wheels into luminaries. Down below a grey man is standing, is unable to see what the group of people rolled in varicoloured rag can: appeariance of a pale rainbow. We don’t know whether these people are leaving, or just entering this nonsensical space, who the sinister grey man is, what this bright, strange world is like. Although on Róbert Csáki’s painting all the doubtfulness, threatening stationarity is dissolved by the panorama of shimerring stars and evanescent rainbow, which seems in its universality such instantaneous, so worldly.

Csaki_Ejszakai szivarvany (92x115 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2008)eng