In The Focus

“Cradle” by Attila Rajcsók offers many opportunities of interpretation to the viewer. The sterile, laminatedly welded, snowhite steel visualizes a process. As if in front of our eyes a core would sprout, petals of a flower would unfold, an animel would slip of it’s shell, or a human being would come to life. “Cradle” represents the slow process of birth, and at the same time, the very reverse of it. What seems opening, unfolding at the first glimpse, also could be the act of closing, passing away in the case of this sculpture. The neutral white color also makes undefinable, that what we see is the unfolding or the locking of the artwork. It seems like “Cradle” is a liminality, an incarnated moment, when the insight to the inner parts of the sculpture is possible. But what is it, that the artwork is hiding, even in this status? This is the unanswered question of “Cradle” by Attile Rajcsók.

photo: Mihály Borsos (misi)
written by: Zsófi Máté

Bolcso (92x56x45 cm, hagesztett acel, 2012)_eng



























Bölcső (92x56x45 cm, hagesztett acel, 2012)