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„Cloister” and „City Lights” by Róbert Csáki show similarity in colours, touch and in representation of lights. The landscapes on the pictures despite their strangeness carry the sense, that we have seen them before. They could be fantasies or memories, which are beyond control, surrounded by versatilty, transiency. On „Cloister” from the background’s infinite, deep shade buildings meet the eye, which are dissevered from their environment because of light perfusing them. Whiteness of the church’s tower has a central role, it rules the painting. Constructivity of this colour is determining in case of „City Lights” too. The two white paintstains overwrite the harmony of deep colours on the artwork. However what seems breaking of the picture’s order is in fact a necessary component. Reddish spots on „Cloister” are also telling of a conscious, precise composition. They change the whole painting, terminate the accidental aspect of the sinister,transitory landscapes. Inter alia these tiny paintstains contain the genius of Róbert Csáki.Their startling strength is realization, turning into stationarity of riddling interaction of tones and light and unlimited visions.

photo: Misi
written by: Zsófi Máté
Cloister (30x30cm, oil on wood, 2013)
City lights (40x35cm, oil on wood, 2013)


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