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Chaos means in vulgar tounge maze, an unwanted condition, in which we would rather not spend time. On the other hand, chaos means infinite space, unshapen matter, from which the universe came into existance. Latter approaches “Chaos” by PAF. Stratification of the paint, varied facture provides strained tone to the picture, which plants the fear of the unknowable into the viewer, but this is only the surface. If we lose ourselves in the artwork, the chaotic spectacle could become an order without any eventuality.Gestures create a conscious system, they are forces taking effect on eachother in tackle on the painting, mostly the black and the white ones. In the space of strained relations of dark and light, as the center of the composition, there is a red gesture, which is one of the most important elements in PAF’s art. This is the substratum of the painting’s order, which vindicates and terminates the aforsaid discrepancy at the same time. Unity of gestures, colors and matter on PAF’s artwork is materialization of the creativeness chaos possesses.

photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

Chaos (100x100cm, mixed technique on wood, 2013)

Chaos (100x100 cm, vegyes technika, 2013)_eng

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