In The Focus

On the newest painting by Róbert Csáki, there is a bed in the foreground. Although it’s empty, it suggests the human presence on the picture, as well as the bridging on the left side. The painter terminated the bed and the wreathing shade towards it with angled compositional elements. These do not register to eachother, they don’t close perfectly a safe inner space. As if the foreground was a room, open to every directions, only divided from the infinite background with these anomalous forms. Two worlds are dissevering on Csáki’s artwork, they could be the sphere of God and men, wakefulness and dream, reality and fantasy, life and death. We come to the measure of these as viewers. As the counterpoint of the bed, there is a tiny but significant luminary in the distance, maybe it’s illuminating the piece of furniture. This star carries the hope, that we are able to come at the sphere it’s part of. However, the artwork by Róbert Csáki is surrounded by the sense of neglect, it’s atmosphere is determined by worrying stationarity. The picture may opens the door to transit between the two worlds, but also warns us, that we cannot exist in them at the same time.

photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

Untitled (59x68cm, oil on canvas, 2009_2014)


Cim nelkul (59x68 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2009_2014)_eng

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