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To visualize temporality is a great aritstic pledge. “Hidden Time” by PAF interprets time as a mechanical construction at first sight,inasmuch as the circles scooped into the harsh surface of the painting evoke the spur wheels of a clock. At the center of the artwork, as contact point of all these components, there is a clockface. PAF represents measurable, objective time. Nevertheless this isn’t the full extenct of temporality. The paining’s dark colors, it’s scrachty,mysterious surface, infinite inner spaces do not suggest the domesticity,concreteness of the illustrated topic. Technical complexity of the picture carries the possibility of mental compelxity: the painting tells about time that is accessible to all, about subjective time, even about the time of the artwork. The picture is bisected by a vertical red gesture,which is dominating the whole painting, and could be the intervention into operation of time. With this powerful gesture PAF takes possesion of the unknowable on “Hidden Time”.

photo: misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

Hidden Time (100x50cm, mixed technique on wood, 2013)

Hidden time (100x50 cm, vegyes technika, 2013)_eng

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