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In The Focus

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In The Focus

From the title of „Sky, Mount, Water” by István Csík we could think of a traditional landscape. But the master awarded with Munkácsy-prize doesn’t want to represent nature, but to explore a deeper sturcture with the resource of abstraction. „Sky, Mount, Water” is in fact deconstruction, reinterpreting of the named elements of nature. As the result of this process a concentrarte of nature becomes visible on the canvas. The order of the space in the picture is ruled by a horizontal and a vertical red and white stripe, which are crossing eachother, dividing four equal parts of the painting. If we are are observing these sections separately, it turns out, that we find in each of them a form, color a motive, which recalls sky, mount and water. Each of these four parts have indipendent inner order, but they are also in connection. István Csík fills the elements of abtraction with refined shades, while the tender brushwork enacts the forms to natural surfaces. The similar forms- though they are distant on the picture- have the similar world of colors. The viewers can imagine, that they put together these similar forms, so the pieces of the puzzle eject a traditional landscape. But after this imagination, the pieces tear again, and then we recognize the real structure, de given order on „Sky, Mount, Water” by István Csík. In my opinion this painting is a main work of the consecvent life work, which is the concentrate of the interrelation of nature-representation and abstraction.


written by: Zsófi Máté
photo: misi


Eg, hegy, viz (175x126 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2010)_eng
















































Sky, Mount, Water (175×126 cm, oil on canvas, 2010)

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