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In The Focus

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In The Focus

“Once risen up to the sky, the star/of night river’s not worth much.”- said Attila József, referring to the fact, that art can not perfectly imitate reality, but this is not the aim of it at all. I feel this thought in “Star Projections” by István Csík. The substrate of the artwork is given by space ordering power of constructive formations, but in the center stays the form of circle, which is unlikely in the painting of István Csík. The importance of these shows their colors, which are lightening between the dark shades of painting, avoiding the often used light colors. “Star Projections” tells about in it’s every detail, how the artist, people are related to the universe, which is surrounding and transcending us. István Csík represents the stars in a secure, structured frame within the picture. These gesture can refer to how human beings want from the start of their history recognise and possess the always unreachable transcend world. But in the end, every science and art form has to admit: what we can reach, recognise, is a picture we formed for ourselves, for the scale of human intellect, a projection only. This is what the space outside of the inner frame on the picture tells about. It shows the threatening, deep, thick, formless, dark material, which is the unkown part of our world. “Star Projections” by István Csík revolves to more planes, these symbolize more mental planes. The question of the painting stays open: can we strictly separate these planes? In my opinion, master Csík is showing with this special artwork, that the aforesaid mental planes (just as the planes of the picture’s space) can only exist through each other.

photo: misi
written by: Zsófi Máté

Csillagvetuletek (170x115 cm, olaj, farost, 2009)_eng









































Star Projections (170×115 cm, oil on wood, 2009)

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