Group Exhibition

Tamás Eiter, Mátyás Fusz, Adrián Klájó, Tibor Kovács, Sándor Körei, Júlia Eszter Kuzma, Anna Peternák, Loránd Szécsényi-Nagy, Zoltán Vadászi, Adrienn Újházi

Curators: Dorka Keresztury, Róbert Lak, Zsófi Máté

Opening: 21.02.2020. 19h
Music: OOO

Róbert Csáki

The exhibition of Róbert Csáki painter 
09.11.2018. – 15.02.2019.

Opening: 09.11.2018. 19h
Opening speech: Dr. Anna Bánhegyi, Dr. Lóránd Bereczky

In The Focus / Perceptions 2. …silence……

To Art Salon\Társalgó Gallery is opening the new season with the group exhibition “Perceptions” is a tradition. This year the subject of the exhibition, which was processed by seven artists is silence. Imre Barna Balázs, Róbert Csáki, László Gyémánt, Mózes Incze, Iván Paulikovics, PAF and György Szabó all created their own variation of silence. The curators, Dr. Dóra Ocsovai and Dr. Katalin Kovács circled the question: what is the coherence between art and silence? The evident answer could be of course: painting and sculptures as objects are silent. Although in the domain of aesthetics none of the artworks are mute. But as the opening speech of Katalin Kovács highlighted, silence could be the effect, that artworks trigger. This is prevailing, as we are standing in front the arworks of the exhibition. For example the creatures on the portaits by Róbert Csáki, as they would like to say something, but they stay wordless, they fade into the peaceful background. Then PAF breaks the silence and peace of his pictures with his definite, craggy gestures. And these are just examples of the intellectual and technical variegation, which is united in the exhibition “Perception2…silence…..”


written by: Zsófi Máté

photo: Diana Rédai



IN THE FOCUS special / PAF

On 14th of August the individual exhibition of PAF opened with great success at the Nádor Gallery in the city of Pécs. The painter not only presented new paintings, but the exhibition also includes exciting, new installations, which are due to the inspirational exhibiting space of the Nádor Gallery. For example, the 81 meters long painted canvas, which could be defined as the clew of the exhibition. It wimples above our heads, creates the sense of infinity, it’s uproarious colors are completely ruling the space. The other group of the installations arethe dress-stands, covered with gestures. Painting of PAF animate these ordinary objects, their ordering in the space terminates their impersonality. To the saturation of the exhibition contribute the spatial paintings; boxes painted on five and six sides, which enter the viewer’s own sapce. This powerful, provocative cavalcade is surrounded by the paintings on the walls, wich are the ground of all the installations. The exhibition is ordered in three units, and to top it all, all of the artworks have their own lives. This is what makes PAF’s exhibitoin so special: this stunning variegation organizes into a whole in front of our eyes. Installations and paintings intensify eachother, and lead us into a compelling world of painting.
Visit the exhibition at the Nádor Gallery, have a share in this special experience given by gestures, forms, surfaces and colors. On the 21th of August PAF1s painting comes to life on the fashion collection of Eszter Cselényi with an irregular performance, then on the 28th of August with ministration of András Jász, jazz saxophone artist and Zsirai, we discover the connections of art, music and wine.

written by: Zsófi Máté

photo: Panamy


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In The Focus / DIALOG2

On 26th of June in Graz, in Gallery Eugen Lendl the „Dialog 2” group exhibition was opened. Three painters of the Art Salon\Társalgó Gallery shared the exhibiton space with four austrian artists. The seething gestures of Stefan Maitz; expansive forms of Christian KRI Kammerhofer; abstract visions of Josef Wurm and the expressiveness of drawing by Michael Fanta have a word with the shadowy landscapes of Róbert Csáki; refined system of gestures by Imre Barna Balázs and the powerful colors of PAF. Dr. Márton Méhes, director of Collegium Hungaricum Wien emphasized in his opening speech, that there are energies in the space, created by the artworks effecting eachother. Truly, the halls of the gallery become a field, in which different artistic visions, styles and techniques open themselves to eachother. „Dialog 2” gives the viewer the opportunity to indite and shape the connections of the artworks. So the concept of the exhibition insures a broad playing field for the paintings, and for the visitors as well. Exciting, thought-provoking opennes of „Dialog 2” reveals, that art is a general language, which is able to blur any boundaries.


photo: Zsófi Máté
written by: Zsófi Máté



Artist in Residence 2014 in Wien

The Artist in Residence 2014 in Wien closed with great success. Our Gallery was represented by Boglárka Nagy. A performance and also oil paintings were shown  at the exhibition.


The Master and the Disciple

Exhibition of László Gyémánt and Boglárka Nagy.

Opening: 21. oktober 2013. 19h


László Gyémánt, painter is our gallery’s significant artist and an important figure of hungarian contemporary art. He spent the major part of his career in London and Vienna, and became internationally acknowledged. After the fall of the Berlin wall he has returned to Hungary where he kept on working, his oeuvre is growingly condescended by his experiences of the journeys to America. In the last two years he started working with the graduated artist, Boglárka Nagy. Gyémánt’s representationalism has a vast effect on the the young painter’s works. The master’s presence is appreciable in every brushstroke, while the fresh voice of the student is constantly developing. On the present exhibition, called „The Master and the disciple” László Gyémánt shares the gallery spaces with Boglárka Nagy. They’ll be attending with works concerning basically different subjects, in which their technique unfolds the professionnal and intellectual fellowship of master and disciple.

Gyémánt László and Nagy Boglárka 1  Gyémánt László and Nagy Boglárka