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„The Sun King” by Róbert Csáki alloys technical precisity of old masters with query of today. The title of the painting already refers to withered styles, the baroque, and it’s visual world rather to the rococo. Portraits of the XVII. and XVIII. century fill the figures with life, by movement, coquetry of red cheeks, gracefulness of folds, clairvoyant visage. Csáki applies the playful usage of lights and colors of these styles, the figure of „The Sun King” is illuminated from the depth of the background. The body is clotted in whirling by many gradation of green, it is a cadocous texture, which represents the mistique of baroque fold. What truly modern is in the painting, that Csáki not only visualizeses the figure, but also dissects it, overwrites the genre of portrait. „The Sun King” does not have visage, which encumbers to look at it as a human. Although, this feeling of hiatus and the surly darkness of colors is overwritten by the open mouth of the figure, which transforms the lifeless atmosphere of the painting. Like he would moan, breathing his fear and angst into the world. This act becomes the sign of cut-off between life and death, which pervades the picture. Thus Csáki interweaves the vital blandness of baroque, and the blow-up of inner suffering (as by Francis Bacon) in this masterpiece.

photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

The Sun King (78×66 cm, oil on canvas, 2013)

Napkiraly (78x66 cm, olaj, vaszon, 2013) eng

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