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„Housing Project I.” and „Housing Project II.” by Róbert Csáki have grand strength despite their small sizes. On the artist’s running exhibition we placed them far, contrapuntally from eachother. The attach of the two picture establishes a space just like the paintings themselves: territory. Csáki overwrites the conventional attitude to housing project, translates it’s representation. His soft brushstrokes, pale, almost romantic lights settle the sternness of these houses. The buildings melt in their environment, they do not wake the sense of strangeness, they are not the appearance of a restricted world. On the contrary, Csáki’s bland lines assign mistique to the modern territory, he shows us a world we want worm ourselves into. In case of „Housing Project I.” and „Housing Project II.” we see the houses from a lurking-perspective, the light in the windows are rather the signs of life, than claustrophobia’s. The strong-colored bridgings in the foregrounds stretch beyond the margins of the paintings. They show the never-enclosingness, which is also transmitted by the artworks.

photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté

Housing project I. and Housing project II. (21x21cm, oil on wood, 2013)

Lakotelep 2_1 fevo (21x21 cm, olaj, fatabla, 2013) eng

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