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„Demons and Chaos I-IV” by PAF create a whole. The four artworks share the same system of gestures, they are perfect continuation of each other. The dynamic, powerful gestures don’t respect their frames, stretch beyond their measures, so the for paintings become permeable. The „Demons and Chaos” series is an open artwork, both visually and mentally. The interlocking gestures create a chaotic, deep, quintessential space in the picture, and in some cases they become dark, demonic figures. Variety of touch, colors, consistency of the paint the viewer can always pioneer new figures in trying to be released of the demons haunting them, overcome the chaos, reveal the secret hidden by the paint streaks. New recognitions lead to other representations. Accordingly reflexive relations of the viewer and the artwork can change the whole painting, is able to generate very different emotional impressions. This mental openness makes „Demons and Chaos” series by PAF unfailing, always vivifies it in new and other lives.


photo: Misi

written by: Zsófi Máté


Demons and Chaos I-IV (100x50cm/piece, mixed technique on wood, 2014)


Demons and Chaos I-IV(100x50cm:piece, mixed technique on wood, 2014) copy_eng

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